Performance runs throughout the Music programme at Lincoln, with students developing interests in pop, rock, classical and other music from around the world.

Performers can work in any style and genre, forming their own bands and joining the staff-run Departmental Ensembles.

Performance is taught through dedicated modules which include seminars, workshops, rehearsals and performances, all underpinned with staff guidance and self reflection. Students receive one-to-one instrumental or vocal lessons across the entire degree, delivered by our team of expert instrumental and vocal tutors.

Students have the opportunity to develop their work all the way up to a professional standard; taken alongside elements of music production and enterprise, students can complete the degree with EPs and a portfolio of work to help them enter the professional arena.

Year 1

In Year 1 students work in small groups and individually as part of A Performer Prepares, a module that runs across the whole year. Regular instrumental or vocal lessons underpin the development of students’ technical ability. Performance with department ensembles and in ad-hoc performances help build confidence and expertise before end of year recitals.

Year 2

At the end of Year 1, students choose whether to follow the composition or performance pathway: choosing one pathway does not preclude working in the other, it simply acts to guide the students’ learning and their choice of modules and assessments in future work. The year 2 Performance module is the starting point for specialising in performance. Students continue to work both individually and in small groups, now developing new skills including improvisation, performance of non-Western and experimental music, and further enhancing core musicianship skills.

Year 3

From year 3 onwards, students have many opportunities in which to perform. With a stronger emphasis on collaboration, students can find themselves performing in the studio, with Drama and Theatre students, for dance and more. For the Practice-Led Dissertation, students can choose to undertake a project focussed on performance.

All permanent members of staff are engaged in performance activity, with four currently specialising in areas of performance:

Dr Cassandre Balosso-Bardin

Cassandre Balosso-Bardin is a performing musician and ethnomusicologist. She is a Lecturer in Music at Lincoln where she teaches performance and popular music studies. Her main areas of research include ethnomusicology and performance with a special interest in Mediterranean music and bagpipes.

Dr Rob Dean

Rob is a writer, director and sound designer. He is a lecturer in Drama and Music at Lincoln, and Programme Leader for Music. His main research specialisms are musical dramaturgy, the history popular music, the role of musical accompaniment and the potentiality of digital Foley within live performance.

Ed Wellman

Edward is an accompanist and performer with a keyboard specialism. He is a Lecturer in Music at Lincoln and teaches performance and music theory. He is co-director of the University of Lincoln Choir.

Mark Wilde

Mark is a singer and Lecturer on the Music programme. Mark teaches in areas of performance and musicianship, as well as co-directing the University of Lincoln Choir.

The academic team is enhanced by the array of instrumental and vocal tutors that work in the Department.