Music Production

Music Production is a key skill for professional musicians, whether its the ability to fully record and master an album or simply the need to understand the workings of a studio for a session musician.

Music Production is a central strand of the first year, from which point students can choose to explore this area in more detail in future optional modules if it interest them. Teaching is delivered through hands-on workshops in recording and production facilities.

Students have the opportunity to build a portfolio of recorded work and may release an EP or album as part of their second and third-year studies.

Year 1

Music Production skills are taught in the first year, starting with absolute basics of studio use, right up to more advanced music production techniques. Through these modules students learn how to use the studio facilities so they can continue using them throughout their degree.

Year 2

From Year 2 onwards, music production modules are optional. Students may choose Music Production and Enterprise, in which they record, produce and market their own EP. Production skills may be applies in Joint Show and other collaborative parts of the second year.

Year 3

Students may choose to undertake the Practice-led Dissertation, in which they may incorporate music production skills, from recording a whole album, to producing music for media. Further opportunities for collaboration in practical modules allow students to apply these skills to a variety of projects.

Music staff are active professionals working in studios as performers and producers and help to guide students through their work in studios. Teaching in areas of Music Production is delivered primarily by staff from the Audio Production degree.