Enterprise is a key part of a modern music education, allowing students to graduate with an understanding of their field and how to pursue an appropriate career. The skills learnt at Lincoln focus on entrepreneurial and industry skills that are crucial to a career in the arts.

Enterprise runs through many modules, but is particularly explicit in some which deal with professional areas in detail. This teaching is delivered in small groups, seminars, discussions and through presentations from visiting speakers.

Students have the opportunity to build a strong professional portfolio of work in areas that interest them. This might include way of promoting work, planning and organising events, building a freelance portfolio career, and more.

Year 1

In Year 1 students learn fundamental areas of enterprise in the many performance opportunities – both formal and informal – that are available throughout the year. These skills are underpinned with the Understanding the Cultural Industries module which gives a greater understanding of the many parts of the music industries.

Year 2

Students apply enterprise skills through collaborative projects in Year 2, particularly in Joint Show where they work as a team to devise and deliver a public-facing event. Several option modules include areas of enterprise, either focussed on the promotion of live events or the creation and promotion of recorded media. Furthermore, students experience the professional world either through the Teaching Music module – a hand-on chance to try teaching in a variety of context – or through Placements where students can work with professionals in many music-related industries.

Year 3

Application of enterprise skills runs throughout the third year, but is focussed in particular on the Professional Practice module in which students devise, develop and deliver a music festival across the academic year. This is an opportunity to create professional work that will draw in a public audience. Enterprise can also form a strong part of students’ work in the Practice-led Dissertation option.

All Music staff are active professionals in their field, teaching in areas that relate to their professional work and sharing their wide range of experience.