Composition runs throughout the Music programme at Lincoln, with students encouraged to develop their own interests and explore new areas.

Composers are not restricted to any one style and can compose for the concert stage as well as for film, TV, theatre and more, using a variety of approaches from notated scores to electroacoustic works.

At Lincoln composition is taught through contextual seminars, workshops with student players and visiting professionals, and through regular one-to-one composition lessons.

Students have the opportunity to build up a strong portfolio of work that will help them enter the professional sphere or pursue postgraduate study.

Year 1

In Year 1 students learn skills in orchestration, arrangement, music theory and composition as part of the ‘Knowing the Score’ module, whilst composing commercial music as part of Audio Production modules.

Year 2

At the end of Year 1, students choose whether to follow the composition or performance pathway: choosing one pathway does not preclude working in the other, it simply acts to guide the students’ learning and their choice of modules and assessments in future work. The year 2 Composition module is the starting point for specialising in composition. Working through technical composition exercises – which may include writing music for film, specific instrumentation exercises, new approaches to pitch, etc – as well as free choice compositions, students build expertise whilst focussing on the areas of composition that interest them.

Year 3

From year 3 onwards, students have many opportunities in which to compose, including the collaborative Joint Show module in year 2. In year 3 opportunities to compose for stage, screen and media allow students to work in a context closer to the professional world of composition. For the Practice-Led Dissertation, students can choose to complete a portfolio of composition, write music for a film or find any other outlets for their composition work.

Three permanent members of staff currently teach and work in areas of composition:

Litha Efthymiou

Litha is a composer specialising in contemporary art music and large-scale interdisciplinary work.

Dr Martin Scheuregger

Martin is a composer, percussionist and musicologist. He is a Lecturer in Music at Lincoln and teaches and researches in areas of composition, performance and musicology, with an interest in twentieth-century and contemporary classical music.

Mark Wilde

Mark is a singer and Lecturer on the Music programme. Mark teaches in areas of performance and musicianship, as well as co-directing the University of Lincoln Choir.