Our Music Degree

Music at Lincoln is a contemporary, industry-focused degree for musicians looking to develop their skills as performers, composers and collaborators within a flexible curriculum that encompasses classical, rock, pop and non-Western music. You can see more on the course website.

The course connects practice with theory, tradition with innovation, and personal creativity with collaborative projects. As well as working with other musicians, during this degree students have the opportunity to collaborate with dancers, actors, film-makers, animators and designers.

Practical skills are underpinned and enriched with an approach to studying music that positions practice alongside an understanding of musical histories, cultures and genres, as well as developing the critical and reflective skills needed to articulate these connections.

The teaching team is made up of professional musicians and experienced researchers with expertise that encompasses a wide range of professions, disciplines and media.

In the first year, topics include the development of key musical skills, the use of audio production technology, working with a score, the role of music in society and the contemporary music industry. Individual instrumental and vocal tuition is available for all students. In the second and third years, students can tailor the degree to suit their individual interests. There are degree pathways that focus on performance, musicianship, composition and musical direction. In the third year, students have the opportunity to present their work in a final-year showcase.

The quality and industry relevance of this course has been accredited by the Joint Audio Media Education Support organisation (JAMES).

The programme brings together five distinct strands, further details of which are on individual pages:



Music Production


To get a more detailed overview of BA (Hons) Music at Lincoln, look through our Adobe Spark virtual open day presentation below.


BA (Hons) Music

You can download the BA (Hons) Music Programme Map below. This shows the modules available in 2017–18: from time to time new modules are added and old ones are taken away, but we endeavour to maintain the balance of different areas of study.