Music Industries Podcasts 2021

As part of Music Industries (1st year module), our musicians work in small groups to track down a guest to chat to about a career in music. Once the interviews are recorded and edited (and marked!) they are are available to listen to and share. So, here they are. Happy listening!

How do you embark on and sustain a carousel career in music, combining permanent and freelance jobs as life changes around you? Alexi Challand and Emelia Tweedle talk to Mark Wilde.

Rolling your sleeves up, taking on musical groups, small projects and very big ones, Hannah Jones and Becca Penney chat with James Fox.

Musical Theatre, pantomines, drag, music – it’s all to be discovered as Jacques, Hannah and Marcus meet Ash.

What’s it like to run your own recording studios? Martyn Bewick is co-owner and manager at Playing Aloud Studios in Lincoln – he shares his experiences with Jack, Josh and Holly.

Jeffrey Makinson is Assistant Director of Music and Sub Organist at Lincoln Cathedral – he tells Sophie and Jessie that no two days are the same.

Steve is from Solid Entertainments in Grimsby, he introduces Sim, Will and Lewis to his job as a festival and concert promoter.

Rachel and Katie find out what it’s like to be the leader of a marching band.

Keele and Panna meet Zach, Connor, Alex and Jack – together they are Hideout; they met at University and formed the band straight sway – they talk about their journey together as musicians in the band.

FTM Dance created their own song ‘Dance forever’ during the pandemic – Mollie, Olivia and Ellie chat to Namia from FTM about the work they do using music and the arts to support young people and families.

Rob Beach is a session musician; he also runs a production company. Listen as he chats with Lily, Rob and Ryan about what it takes to be successful in the industry.

Jade and Lewis N catch up with DJ Michael.

Harmony of Opposites

The 2020 L2 Joint Show ‘Harmony of Opposites’ was planned to take place as a musical installation in The Collection and Usher Art Gallery in Lincoln in May.
We hope that later in the year we can present this as intended, but in the meantime the Level 2 musicians re-versioned their music and design for the project into an online experience, which you can visit here:

Harmony of Opposites 2020

Our latest Music Industries Podcasts

The University of Lincoln L1 Musicians 2019-2020 produced a series of podcasts about different careers and opportunities in the music and arts. Click below to hear them in conversation. We want to say thank you to Andrew David and the team at Siren FM 107.3 for helping us with this project and for playing our podcasts on the radio.

So, here is the the 2019-2020 series.

Ben and Alfie chatted to Lincs FM’s Alex Brown about getting into local radio. Alex is a Journalism student at Lincoln and is a professional radio presenter and podcaster. He shares his advice on getting into radio.

Glory and Asher speak to the University of Lincoln’s Music Programme Leader, Dr Martin Scheuregger about what it takes to be a composer in the 21st century. And what this means to us all, as musicians.

Jack and Robbie find out from The University of Lincoln’s Lecturer in Public Relations and Journalism, Samantha Pidoux, how important it is to promote your talent effectively.

L1 Tenors Will and James talk to The University of Lincoln’s Dr Rob Dean about the physical and mental benefits of singing for the body, soul and mind.

Jamie and Billy meet The University of Lincoln’s Dr Cassandre Balosso-Bardin about what is possible in being a communuity musician, and how you can inspire and engage people in many settings wherever you are. What is a community?

And, does community radio help bring musicians and artists together? Ryan is the Deputy Manager of Lincoln’s community radio station Siren FM 107.3.

Many musicians are teachers. The University of Lincoln’s Ed Wellman talks about teaching in schools, and how this is an an inspiration to many. And why teaching music is a rewarding career.

Myles chats to L3 musician Jess about the forthcoming UoL Nebula Festival.

And how about a career in recording music as a career? Jas and Frank present an in-depth interview with producer Will, who is early in his career in recording and how your musical ears can help you promote others’ work.

Nebula Music Festival 2020 goes online!

University of Lincoln Music Students organise an online music festival

Every year, third year music students at University of Lincoln organise Nebula Music Festival on the first bank holiday weekend of May. Usually held at LPAC, the students work all year to book music and musicians from across Lincolnshire, budget, fundraise and market the event.

This year, their contingency planning was robust: rain, fire, cancellations and no audience were all taken into account, addressed with solid risk assessments and strong marketing strategies. The plan did not, however, anticipate a global pandemic. Early March the 15-strong team took the rapidly evolving events in their stride, and was very quick to adapt. They decided to take the entire event online, streaming a full programme of music and talks on Saturday 2 May.

Jessica Tye-Leach, who will be graduating in September, says that “adapting to our new circumstances has been a challenge but as a team we have created an evolved Nebula Festival that will distract our audience from the outside world. I’m so impressed that we have stuck to our original time frame with everyone working so efficiently. We are even showcasing examples of our own degree work, which brings our university experience to a nice close”.

Jess Tye-Leech performs at Nebula Music Festival in 2018 – Photo by S L Hillman Photography and Video

Maintaining their focus on Lincolnshire talent as well as working on the themes of the environment and sustainability, the festival will include five different strands, all streamed simultaneously to increase the festival atmosphere. This includes the following:

  • Live performances by solo artists across the county,
  • Band music videos headlined by Happy Hunting who will participate in a live Q&A focusing on their recent music video releases,
  • Talk series by lecturers and local businesses as well as trivia talks selected through a competition by members of the public (2-5pm)
  • Digital arts and music showcase of UoL student work
  • Online radio soundtrack on mixcloud to get in the Nebula Music Festival Mood

Events will kick off at 2pm and will all be accessible for free through the main website page: Events will go on all afternoon until a 7:30pm close.

The headline act for Nebula Festival 2020 is Happy Hunting.

Josh Holder-Browne, part of the Nebula Festival team and in charge of social media marketing, underlined that “supporting local talent was of particular importance to us all. We agreed as a team that we should show our support through the crisis whether that be through showcasing their work or through asking them to still be involved within the festival”. The students made sure that all live acts would be paid, as they fundraised for artist fees before the lockdown.

Headline act Happy Hunting is “thrilled to have this opportunity to be involved in this online festival in such uncertain times”.

Any remaining fundraised money will be donated to three charities: Comic Relief, Rethink Mental Illness and Nottinghamshire’s Woman Aid.

The general public has the opportunity to participate in Nebula Festival by giving a 5-minute talk on the subject of their choice. These will be organised as a competition, with a £50 prize for the best talk. Full details are available on the

Senior lecturer Dr Cassandre Balosso-Bardin, who has been leading the module since 2017, says: “it is impressive how the students adapted to the new situation so quickly and came up with a new and exciting line-up to present to the world. It really shows their resilience and flexibility as well as how ready they are to enter the professional world. I couldn’t be prouder of them!”

Univerity of Lincoln Year 3 music students welcome you all to join Nebula Festival on 2 May for what is promising to be an afternoon full of creativity.

Nebula Music Festival in 2018 – Photo by Phil Crowe

Happy Hunting music video:

Twitter: @UniLincolnMusic
Twitter: @nebula_festival


Labyrinth of a Life – a level 2 production

Labyrinth of a Life was an interactive exhibit held for 2 nights on 26th-27th of April. The free event that took place at University of Lincoln’s Project Space Plus, was imagined and created by Level 2 students from the theme ‘Maze’. Continue reading