Music Industries Podcasts 2021

As part of Music Industries (1st year module), our musicians work in small groups to track down a guest to chat to about a career in music. Once the interviews are recorded and edited (and marked!) they are are available to listen to and share. So, here they are. Happy listening!

How do you embark on and sustain a carousel career in music, combining permanent and freelance jobs as life changes around you? Alexi Challand and Emelia Tweedle talk to Mark Wilde.

Rolling your sleeves up, taking on musical groups, small projects and very big ones, Hannah Jones and Becca Penney chat with James Fox.

Musical Theatre, pantomines, drag, music – it’s all to be discovered as Jacques, Hannah and Marcus meet Ash.

What’s it like to run your own recording studios? Martyn Bewick is co-owner and manager at Playing Aloud Studios in Lincoln – he shares his experiences with Jack, Josh and Holly.

Jeffrey Makinson is Assistant Director of Music and Sub Organist at Lincoln Cathedral – he tells Sophie and Jessie that no two days are the same.

Steve is from Solid Entertainments in Grimsby, he introduces Sim, Will and Lewis to his job as a festival and concert promoter.

Rachel and Katie find out what it’s like to be the leader of a marching band.

Keele and Panna meet Zach, Connor, Alex and Jack – together they are Hideout; they met at University and formed the band straight sway – they talk about their journey together as musicians in the band.

FTM Dance created their own song ‘Dance forever’ during the pandemic – Mollie, Olivia and Ellie chat to Namia from FTM about the work they do using music and the arts to support young people and families.

Rob Beach is a session musician; he also runs a production company. Listen as he chats with Lily, Rob and Ryan about what it takes to be successful in the industry.

Jade and Lewis N catch up with DJ Michael.

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