Nebula Music Festival 2018!

Third year Student Cameron Brown presents Nebula Music Festival, coming up on 5 May 2018 at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre.
Poster - Daytime Nebula Festival rock gig poster
Nebula Music Festival is an exiting new event coming to Lincoln on the 5th of May at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC). It’s an all day event showcasing a variety of genres and talent, bringing Lincoln a diverse selection of music. The festival has been created and designed by 3rd year BA music students, who all come from different musical backgrounds. With this in mind our goal was to create a festival that would celebrate the diversity of music by showcasing each students’ expertise, experience and specialism though various forms of media and performance. There will be food stalls, activities and live music throughout the day so there will definitely be something for everyone.

Kicking off the day will be a performance by Lincoln Cathedral Choir singers. Members of the renowned Lincoln Cathedral Choir will be performing a themed selection of choral music. They will be performing pieces that range from sacred choral, contemporary and Cameron Brown’s new original composition. (12:00-12:30, Main Auditorium)

Cameron's score

Sneak peak of Cameron Brown’s score composed specifically for the festival

Up next is the singing competition. The very best performers will be battling it out trying to impress the judges to win first prize which is a free recording session in a professional recording studio. (13:00-13:45, Main Auditorium)

Singing Competition Finalist poster

Singing Competition Finalists, event organised by Anneli Tirrik

After this a live music screening. A collection of short films accompanied by live and recorded scores composed by Cameron Brown will be showcased in the main auditorium. The event will celebrate and showcase the magic of bringing Picture and Music together. (14:30-15:00)

In Studio 1, 14:00-18:00, Composer Lewis Haynes is combining his interest in music, film and gaming and is curating an afternoon of screenings, showcasing University of Lincoln productions as well as some of his own projects. These will include short films and interactive games, all centered around the theme of music.

Lewis at Nebula Fetsival pre-show

Lewis Haynes performing as Unhand at Nebula Festival pre-show (photo: Sophie Hillman)

Next the University of Lincoln choir will be joined by Zoe Yeung to perform some exciting showstoppers from new musicals, Disney and some old classic pop songs. Accompanied by the University of Lincoln Chamber Ensemble, a selection of songs from The Lion King, The Greatest Showman, Madonna and much more will bring happy thoughts and get us up on our feet in the main auditorium. (16:00-16:30)

Zoe Yeung singing

Zoe Yeung performing at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (Photo: Phil Crowe)

During the evening portion of Nebula Festival (20:00-22:45), audience members will be treated to a number of live rock bands showcasing both Local and National talent. The three bands are:

Grassic – Opening up the evening half of Nebula Festival are Lincoln favourites, Grassic. Their sound is drenched with classic noise rock, shoegaze and grunge stylings, whilst retaining a distinctly unique and recognisable style. For fans of 90’s alt rock there is plenty here  to grab  your attention and hold on to it. Not one to miss.

Ramprasad – are a Lincoln Based band who’s electrified blend of psychedelic, progressive and alt rock has gained them traction with audiences throughout Lincolnshire and beyond. Their sound is heavily influenced by bands such as Rush, King Crimson, Queens of the stone age, At the Drive in and Pentagram.  Expect eclectic time signatures, lengthy jams and Fuzzy Riffs.


Ramprasad, featuring Joe Dickinson, organiser of Nebula Festival’s rock line-up

Balothizer – The evening’s headline act are Balothizer, a London based power trio who fuse traditional Cretan folk music with all-out, fuzzed up space rock. Their unique approach to both rock and folk music coupled with the explosive virtuosity on display during their live sets make them one one of the most exhilarating acts on the UK’s underground music scene. Cretan music from hell!


Balothizer, Cretan Music from Hell, performing at Nebula Music Festival on 5 May 2018

Finally, the Space themed party. The Space Party will feature the Jacked DJ’S – Ollie Drop, Jenks, Sam Wilthsire and Joet. Expect lights, aliens, spaceships, music and much more! (23:00 – 03:00)

3rd year student neb fest team

Nebula Music Festival team

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