Labyrinth of a Life – a level 2 production

Labyrinth of a Life was an interactive exhibit held for 2 nights on 26th-27th of April. The free event that took place at University of Lincoln’s Project Space Plus, was imagined and created by Level 2 students from the theme ‘Maze’.


Karl’s desk, coordinated by Zoe Yeung (photo credit: Phil Crowe)

Based on the imagined story of Karl Robbins, a 67-year-old man who falls into a coma and is taken to hospital, the audience was invited to enter Karl’s mind, going on a journey to explore his  life and the wide palette of emotions triggered by the various memories.


Photo gallery of Karl’s life created by Anneli Tiirick (photo credit: Phil Crowe)


As the public navigated through the maze of Karl’s thoughts, they physically moved through a large maze devised by the students and built by LPAC’s technical staff. They were accompanied by original music and sound composed by the students and were brought into different spaces including a dark room with a worrying sound track coming from two separate land line phones devised by Joe Dickinson and Lewis Haynes, a light space with dancers against a backdrop of a slow-motion video and an optimistic yet thoughtful composition by Cameron Brown, a contemporary electronic DJ set conceived by Sam Swannack and mixed by Alex Kent, a 1970s bar with live performances by Heather Nichols and Anneli Tiirik and two films created by the students.


Heather Nicholls performing in the 1970s Hound and Horse Pub (photo credit: Phil Crowe)


Stereo composition reflecting on Karl’s schizophrenic mind by Joe Dickinson and Lewis Haynes (photo credit: Phil Crowe)


Sam Swannack manning the Hound and Horse bar (photo credit: Phil Crowe)


Collaboration with composer Cameron Brown and eight dancers from the Dance BA (photo credit: Phil Crowe)

Composer Lewis Haynes imagined a short 3 minute film using extracts of different compositions to illustrate the process of the show, from its conception to its completion:

The level two students not only created a show but also learned the administrative implications of putting on such an event including budgeting, marketing and working towards a deadline.

Some of the issues explored related to mental illness, in particular schizophrenia and depression, leading the students to support the charity MIND to raise awareness of these everyday struggles.

The show was a success, eliciting curiosity and positive comments from the audience.

We look forward to next year’s show with a completely new concept!


DJ set by Alex Kent in the ‘maze room’ imagined by Sam Swannack (photo credit: Phil Crowe)

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