Music Staff

Our team of academic staff  have a wide range of expertise and research interests, and includes professional performers, composers, presenters, teachers and researchers. They all teach on the BA (Hons) Music programme as well as other courses at the School of Fine and Performing Arts.

University of Lincoln Music staff

Dr Cassandre Balosso-Bardin

Cassandre Balosso-Bardin is a performing musician and ethnomusicologist. She is a Lecturer in Music at Lincoln where she teaches performance and popular music studies. Her main areas of research include ethnomusicology and performance with a special interest in Mediterranean music and bagpipes.

Dr Rob Dean

Rob is a writer, director and sound designer. He is a lecturer in Drama and Music at Lincoln, and Programme Leader for Music. His main research specialisms are musical dramaturgy, the history popular music, the role of musical accompaniment and the potentiality of digital Foley within live performance.

Dr Litha Efthymiou

Litha is a composer specialising in contemporary art music and large-scale interdisciplinary work. She will join the team in September 2017.

Dr Martin Scheuregger

Martin is a composer, percussionist and musicologist. He is a Lecturer in Music at Lincoln and teaches and researches in areas of composition, performance and musicology, with an interest in twentieth-century and contemporary classical music.

Ed Wellman

Edward is an accompanist and performer with a keyboard specialism. He is a Lecturer in Music at Lincoln and teaches performance and music theory. He is co-director of the University of Lincoln Choir.

Mark Wilde

Mark is a singer and Lecturer on the Music programme. Mark teaches in areas of performance and musicianship, as well as co-directing the University of Lincoln Choir.